Wettham Hill

Established in 2003, it has been popular with Royalty, Ministers, Businessmen, Researchers, Celebrities and Tourists with its simple clean and elegant approach.

Your needs catered for

On the lower level, the apartment style self catering is offered in double rooms en-suite, with individual entrances. The upstairs of the double story house has three en-suite rooms with a spacious dining and lounge area as well as a large verandah. All rooms boast incredible views overlooking the ocean.

More About Us

Quality Assured Accomodation

Our accomodation is quality assured and up to the highest standards.

Some Highlights in Port St Johns include

Activities in and around Port St Johns include fishing, hiking, whale watching, and bird watching to name but just a few.

Dolphin and Whale watching

Between July and December of every year, the Eastern Cape coastline is frequented by Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales. Dolphins are commonly spotted on our coastline throughout the year.

The Cape Hermes Lighthouse

Named after the HMS Hermes that surveyed the Pondoland coastal waters, warns passing ships of the rugged rock alcoves that line this bay of danger on the East Coast of South Africa.

Hiking Port St Johns To Coffee Bay

This route takes hikers on a stunning course through river gorges, along Port St Johns’ Third Beach, through the Mngazana Estuary, Silaka Nature Reserve’s dune forest, rural villages the Hluleka Nature Reserve and the Mfekatye River.

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